Another Way to Export Coverage Plot from Mapinfo TAB to KML

It is more interesting if we can see the coverage plot in Google Earth. How to do it? Well, I just want to share how usually I do it 🙂

First we need tools for Mapinfo called Mapinfo2Google.mbx. We can search it easily in google.

Open your TAB file in Mapinfo. Open it in New Mapper and make sure the new window is NOT MAXIMIZED just like picture below.

Now click the Mapinfo2Google menu on the right side of Help menu. Choose Convert map window to KML file…

You need to know that that Mapinfo2Google only export part that shown in the map. So, make sure that you set the zoom so that all the area is covered.

Choose where you want to save the KML. One step done.

Now locate your KML and open it.

Unfortunately, when we open the KML, GE only render it as on color polygon.

From here we need to manually change the color of the polygon.

Expand the layer Mapinfo Import in the Layers. We can see that there are several Regions, depends on our coverage plot ranges.

Right click in Region 1 and choose Properties.

Go to the Style, Color tab.

In the Area, choose the color that match with the original TAB file. And choose Filled in the dropdown button on the right.

We can see directly that the color has been changed.

Keep doing it until all the Regions have the correct color.Then save as a new KML or KMZ.

Done 🙂


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