It’s just something that I should never done.
It’s just something that I can not undone.
It’s just something that I really regret.
It’s just something that I need to get over it…but, it’s hard.

I knew that I shouldn’t let that feeling grew inside of me. But I couldn’t stop it. Telling her my feeling toward her, was my biggest mistake. Everything just would never be the same again. I was tryin to live my life and leave the past behind. It was okay, for while. Until she suddenly came back to my mind. All the steady atmosphere inside my nervous system broke into pieces. Keep thinking about possibilities is spinning inside my brain. DAMN IT! Logic keep telling me, there’s no such way that I can be with her. It’s hard to accept at first, even now. She told me the same thing as the logic told me. Okay then….its over.

Supposed, there’s nothing I can do. Try to live my own life and surrender, is and will always be my best option…not an option…it’s a requirement. That’s all…enough…I had enough for this. The show must go on. Dig a deep hole, and bury all that feeling in. I have to accept that we’re just a friend, good friend. Okay, once again… it’s over. Goodbye all those feelings. No more possibilities. No more expecting too much. Cause it’s over and I’m tired. Hope that the theory “There’s someone better” or “There’s someone waiting” is not just theory, coz I still not believe this.

It’s nice to know you. You’re just too high to reach. I’m not good enough for you. Thanks for all girl, and I’m sorry too for any burden you had.
I promise to remove all my feelings and live on…


One comment

  1. and13nky · June 14, 2010

    i know what it feels beib.. really know… hhuummm.. lets hope for the best… hehe

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